When my phone rang and I saw JS calling, I got as excited as I normally do when the Hueys are ringing because it's always an invite's to go surfing, shoot naked chicks or anything involving a large consumption of beer. He said there was a swell on the way with just the right amount of North in it that should light up Double Island Point. I charged my batteries and at the crack of dawn the next morning Bubbla and Callum were outside my girl friends house in a rattly 4WD ready to drive us down the beach. 

Poor Callum who lives two hours south of the Goldie had to wake up at 2am and miss a day of school for the trip, Bubbla and I were antsy as always when it comes to long drives for waves, as the doubt slowly creeps in with the heavy eyes wondering if we are driving all this way only to be skunked. We arrived at the beach that runs all the way along the great sandy national park and we set off at 100kmh up the beach to find the headland that is hiding this illusive Superbank.

After over an hour of staring at the howling 5ft and onshore mess to our starboard, the colourful clay cliffs to port. Bubbla did a fantastic job of getting his car on two wheels at the turn off, I was definitely gripping the holy fuck handle!

We finally arrived at paradise, trucks lined the beach who had similar predictions and we slotted in at the bottom of the point where it seemed slightly bigger. I have never seen such a lit set up, set after set, every singe wave rifled down the ankle deep sand bank identical to the last, with not a drop of water out of place. I stuck the long lens on and Cal and Bub walked out at low tide to find them selfs in a 2-3ft board snapping race track practically all to themselves.

giphy (5).gif

Cheers Mad Hueys!


As the tide came up we had hoped the waves would slow down a touch but more water on the bank led to long lulls as the swell had all ready peaked on the low when we arrived. Yeah it wasn't all time, said Bubbla, 2ft bigger and you would be able to manoeuvre in the tube therefore becoming more makable but as he is "to fat to fit in them" only those with a Mal would have made the most of those conditions. I took my new 5'10 Misfits single out in the arvo and managed to see what all the fuss was about but for me personally, sitting in a bath tub warm turtle breeding ground with absolutely perfect right handers screaming down the line toward yo, nobody to disturb the curl other than you, I remember thinking to myself this is where I want to go when I die, 2ft bigger of course.

This is a little clip, that if your boss, teacher or parents are drifting behind your screen you may want to avert their eyes. There's a quick barrel in here, but for the majority of this near-three minute clip is simply eye candy. Here's to the Mad Hueys' version of "The good life."  -